F105 Composition


The goal of the three painting classes: P 201. P 202, and P 203, is to learn this master painting
method by completing one or more finished paintings. These classes must be taken in order,
because they build upon each other. All students receive one-on-one instruction from Sherry Huntting.

P 201 Classic Painting – drawing and values using ink and charcoal

The students copy a master’s painting of their choice. They first do a drawing on a hardwood
panel treated with bonded marble, using a one-of-a-kind graph for accuracy.
This method teaches the students to compare lines and shapes using both positive
and negative space. Their free-hand drawing improves rapidly after using this method
of drawing. This drawing takes on a 3-demensional look as the students use ink and charcoal
over the drawing to create tonal values of illumination, half-tone, and shadows.
The goal of this class is for the students to have one or more paintings beautifully rendered
in black, white and gray values.

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